Mission, Ends & History

Our Mission Statement

We bridge the gap between local producers and the people of Portland.  We fill the shelves of our neighborhood grocery stores with local, fresh foods and all the flavors of each season so you can eat colorfully and live vibrantly.

Our Ends


Food Front is central to thriving communities in the Portland metro area.

End #1

A thriving, sustainable cooperative business.

End #2

Abundant local and sustainable products and valued services.

End #3

Leader promoting a vibrant regional food system.

Our History

In 1972 a group of neighbors in Northwest Portland joined together to sell groceries out of a little store on 23rd Avenue. Their mission was to provide their community with a place to buy good quality groceries that couldn’t be found in regular supermarkets.
Even though this first grocery store was small, the impact of people coming together to provide for themselves and their community was immense.  Over the years our store has moved a few times, is now owned by over 10,000 people and has two locations but are still committed to providing the finest quality wholesome foods for our community.


Staff Pick
Staff Pick- Health-ade Beet Kombucha

Health-ade Beet Kombucha

"Tastes so fresh & crisp, plus the bright pink color is incredible!"

Krag - Deli

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