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Become an owner because you are passionate about the food you eat and the community in which you live.

From the beginning Food Front has been more than a food store. We are a community of diverse owners who care deeply about the food we eat and the world in which we live. We link local business and non-profit organizations, as well as fair trade producers from around the world. Be a part of a community that cares and become an owner today.

The difference owners make:

By purchasing a share, you become an equal owner of Food Front and join with over 12,000 owners in providing the capital that allows the co-op to exist.  You are also investing in your neighborhood grocery store as well as helping to build the local economy and a socially responsible food system.

There are many benefits to owning your neighborhood grocer:

  • Ocassional Owner Discount Days when owners can get 10-15% off a shopping trip (cannot be combined with senior or wine case discounts)
  • 15% off special order cases (cannot be combined with senior or wine case discounts)
  • Ocassional discounts at other local partner businesses
  • Eligibility to participate in owner events such as our free knife sharpening services twice per year
  • Monthly email business updates
  • Your voice matters!  We stock the products you want to see on our shelves.
  • Opportunity to vote for and serve on our board of directors
  • Request donations for non-profits and causes you care about.
  • Opportunity to exhibit your art in our Hillsdale store Art Gallery (click here for more info)
  • Patronage dividends when we make a profit
  • The peace of mind that comes with supporting a locally owned business which values local products and farm direct produce!



The MJCC is now offering their discounted rate for memberships to all Food Front Owners!!


Frequently asked questions about becoming a Food Front owner:

If you’ve just joined or are thinking about becoming an owner you may have some questions! Find answers below or email:

How much is it to become an owner?
The cost of an owner share is $150. Payment can be made in full or you can make an initial payment of just $5 with monthly payments of $5 or more until you reach $150. Either way, your ownership starts immediately. When we are doing an expansion, such as the Hillsdale store, we encourage people to pay the full share if they are able, as it reduces the amount we have to borrow to finance the project.

Do other members of my household need to become owners too?
No, co-op ownership is valid for your entire household and you can get additional cards for them too. However, the ownership is officially in just one person’s name (as indicated on the application form) and this is especially important when it comes to running for (or voting for) the board of directors. Also, patronage dividends will be made out to the main name on the account.

Do I have to be an owner to shop at Food Front?
At Food Front everyone is welcome! Anyone can shop and everyone is invited to become an Owner. Find out more about how to become an owner.

How is buying an ownership different from buying a membership at stores like Costco?
First, what defines is co-op is that a lot of people put a small amount of money together to create something that serves them and their community—such as a food store.

Co-op owners make equity payments rather than paying annual dues. Equity is a form of investment in a co-op’s future. Equity deposits, like dues, are money that an owner pays to the co-op. However, equity differs from dues in two important ways. First, dues collected for memberships to places like Costco are considered taxable income, but equity deposits and all profits earned in sales from owners of the co-op are tax-free, and are effectively worth more to the co-op. Second, when a person chooses to end their co-op ownership, his/her equity deposits are fully refundable. Owners also receive patronage dividends on profits earned by the co-op.

What is a patronage dividend?
Patronage dividends are allocated to the owners of Food Front when the co-op has a surplus (profit after paying operating expenses). As an owner, you receive a patronage dividend based on how much you shopped in the last fiscal year. The sales total for each owner transaction is automatically recorded at the register when you scan your membership card. That’s why it’s important that you bring your card when you shop. We can also look up your owner number by last name.

What if I terminate my ownership? 
You may choose to resign from the co-op at any time and the full amount of your paid equity will be returned to you.  Additionally, if you resign in a year when we are able to issue patronage dividends, your dividend will reflect the purchases you made until your termination date. Retains will continued to be paid for previous years as they are allocated. Just make sure we have your updated mailing address!

If I become an owner, do I have to work in the store?
No, owners do not need to work in the store.

I’m interested in volunteering. Where can I find out more about volunteer opportunities?
For more information on current volunteer opportunities email


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