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Board Meetings

All meetings are open to owners; please let us know 7 days in advance if you wish to attend.  RSVP to  Your reservation ensures that we have enough chairs for everyone.


Meeting Dates

To serve both of our communities, we hold regular Board Meetings in the Northwest neighborhood for one half of the year and in Hillsdale for the other half.  Please come!  We look forward to seeing you at a meeting.  Here is a link to our Events Calendar where Board Meeting info can be found by month.


What Happens During a Board Meeting?

The business portion of the meeting starts promptly at 6:00pm.  There is always an official Agenda, and a large portion of the time is reserved for the Board's mandatory business.  At some point during each meeting there is time set aside for introductions, Committee Reports, a main discussion topic or presentation (sometimes by an invited guest), and a brief opportunity for owner comments.  When the meeting is officially called to order, the Board follows Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct its business.  The sequence of the Agenda is subject to change based on the focus of the meeting, and occasionally special format meetings are held or outside facilitators are used.  If there is sensitive or confidential information to address, the Board may conduct a private Executive Session, usually at the end of the evening.

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