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local cheesemakers

We have the best local cheese selection!

Cascadia Creamery

"Cascadia Creamery revives a long tradition of artisan cheese making in the Trout Lake Valley that began over 125 years ago. Here rich volcanic soils and temperate weather provide lush grazing meadows for our cows and an ideal location to craft our organic, aged, raw artisan cheeses." Read more here

Fraga Farms

"Fraga Farm is an organic farmstead goat dairy in northern Oregon. We produce a full range of certified organic goat cheese." Read more here

Ancient Heritage

"Delivered from our pasture to your plate, our mission is to craft exquisite artisan cheese, made farm fresh and responsibly. Our recipes are based in old-world European tradition utilizing methods that respect their ancient heritage." Read more here

Portland Creamery

"We believe in producing simple, excellent, handcrafted goat cheese for the Portland community and beyond." Read more here



From Moroccan olives and Spanish quince paste to rare cheeses from remote regions in Europe, our cheese selection promises to deliver the finest in world fare.

Here are a few hand selected favorites from our staff:

Rosso Di Langa - The combination of cow and sheep milk creates a unique flavour – rich and luscious with a mouth-filling creaminess. The texture is incredibly smooth and creamy. Rosso di Langa has a very mild washed rind, with only a hint of pungency coming from the rosy orange rind. 

La  Tur - From the great wine region of Piemonte comes La Tur: a dense, creamy blend of pasteurized cow, goat and sheep milk. Oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cakey, palette-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full. 

Le Châtelain - This delicious cow's milk cheese typically has a soft, white, bloomy rind, a luxurious ivory paste and a rich, buttery flavor. Pair it with a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet. You can also enjoy it with Chardonnay, and sparkling wines.

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    Staff Picks- nong’s  Khao Man Gai

    Nong’s Khao Man Gai

    "Local product from of the 
    most popular food carts in PDX. Use it in marinades or to spice up a stir-fry!!

    Andrea - Front End

    bridge illistration