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Being located in the Pacific Northwest means having access to some of the freshest seafood in the world. We strive to work with suppliers who source their products ethically and sustainably.

Ocean Beauty

"When it comes to sustainability, we believe it is not enough to work for healthy fish stocks and a pristine natural environment and to reduce our impact upon the earth – we believe that any comprehensive sustainability policy has to take into account all of those things plus the sustainability of the human populations that depend on the fish as well.

Sustainability to us means supporting our human communities by producing food from sustainable sources in a way that is at maximum harmony with the natural environment, so that future generations can rely on high quality seafood." 

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Pacific Seafood

"Pacific Seafood Stewardship Mission:

Make ecologically and ethically sound choices, which conserve ocean resources and provide a sustainable and healthy food source for present and future generations."

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fresh, local & sustainable premium meat




Painted Hills Grass-Fed Beef

"From the heart of the Pacific Northwest comes a grass-fed beef product you can feel good about. You can count on the same great cattle as the Painted Hills Natural Beef Program. These pasture raised cattle are simply maintained on a grass-fed diet for those customers looking for the unique characteristics of grass-fed beef."

All of our Grass-Fed Beef is:

* No Added Hormones * USDA inspected
* No Added Antibiotics * Source Verified
* 100% Corn-Free Vegetarian Diet * Locally Pasture Raised
* Naturally Flavorful
* Traceable Farm to Fork
* Angus Cross Cattle

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Carlton Farms 

"At Carlton Farms, we are committed to producing only the freshest and finest handcrafted natural meats. To achieve that, we believe in working with a select team of handpicked local and national growers who raise animals to our exacting standards. We also believe in the importance of running a clean, efficient, and humane facility that consistently meets or exceeds USDA standards. And we believe in a thoughtful, handcrafted approach that doesn't rely on artificial flavors, colors, or chemicals." Read more here

Food Front offers a variety of pork cuts from Carlton Farms.

Anderson Ranches

"Our sheep graze on the free range pastures and rolling foothills of the Willamette Valley, where high precipitation guarantees lush green Oregon grasses. Our grass fed lambs thrive in these open fields with fresh air and lots of room. They are left free to roam, eat when they like, and grow at their own natural rhythm." Read more here

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