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Being located in the Pacific Northwest means having access to some of the freshest seafood in the world. We strive to work with suppliers who source their products ethically and sustainably.

Skuna Bay

"First you'll want to know one thing: our salmon is only reared in one place and that is the only place where salmon should be raised — its natural ocean environment. If you want salmon that spent its life in a tank, you don't want our fish."

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Pacific Seafood

"Pacific Seafood Stewardship Mission:

Make ecologically and ethically sound choices, which conserve ocean resources and provide a sustainable and healthy food source for present and future generations."

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fresh, local & sustainable premium meat

Oregon Natural "Brew" Beef

Oregon Natural Meats (ONM) is a local, vertically-integrated, family-owned and operated meat company producing and selling natural meat products. We focus our sales and marketing emphasis on Oregon animals, local feeding systems, local suppliers and local customers, all in an effort to support the growing “Locavore” movement."

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Lan-Roc Farms 

"At Lan-Roc Farms we believe high quality pork products should be the norm and shouldn't cost you a shoulder and a shank. When you source your pork from Lan-Roc Farms, you can focus on creating amazing dishes for your customers and leave the worry to us.All of our pork products come from natural, vegetarian fed, responsibly raised pigs and every purchase helps support veterans."

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Anderson Ranches

"Our sheep graze on the free range pastures and rolling foothills of the Willamette Valley, where high precipitation guarantees lush green Oregon grasses. Our grass fed lambs thrive in these open fields with fresh air and lots of room. They are left free to roam, eat when they like, and grow at their own natural rhythm." Read more here

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    Staff Picks- nong’s  Khao Man Gai

    Nong’s Khao Man Gai

    "Local product from of the 
    most popular food carts in PDX. Use it in marinades or to spice up a stir-fry!!

    Andrea - Front End

    bridge illistration