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Hillsdale Art Gallery May Artist Spotlight - Lauren Gallison


“Lauren started as a professional artist in first grade by selling out all her beaded Altoid boxes and paintings. She was the first student artist at the Rieke School spring Art Show.  She has since pursued and sold her art in places using different mediums including welding, painting, photography and ink drawings.

As a baby, she loved expressing herself using finger paints -- both on paper and on her own body and any surrounding surfaces.  She created constantly with whatever she could lay her hands. This artistic drive led her to create first those beaded boxes then appealing robot figure-like sculptures using 95% recycled found objects.  These humorous sculptures were a hit at the juried Garden Art sale at Cracked Pots, McMinnville and several other art shows. 

At 8 years old, her dream was to be able to weld instead of glue her sculptures

together. She waited 8 years to be allowed into welding classes at PCC to fulfill her dream. As with many artists, she found herself transitioning from sculptures to 2D Art during this wait as she discovered a love for painting and drawing. Her drawings

and designs were sold in the People's Art of Portland Gallery the past two years as part of the Big 500 annual show. She also discovered film and digital photography in high school and has used her artist's eye through the  camera lens to frame shots of landscapes or another love of hers - fancy cars.

Since 2014, her love for ink drawings has grown as she experimented on wood and other mediums. With vibrant colors, she combines stark acrylic paint and ink designs on small wood pieces, some of which will be available at the Food Front exhibit.

Now 18, Lauren’s artistic journey is just beginning and she's thrilled to follow it wherever it takes her." 


If you are an artist and would like an opportunity to exhibit at your co-op, click here for more info.

Hillsdale Art Gallery April Artist Spotlight - Chaz Martin


"As a visual communications major at Pratt Institute in the late 60s, Martin had little interest in fine art. His focus was on graphic design which led him to New York, Boston and San Francisco. Shortly after his formal education ended and his career began, he started painting out of curiosity. An extended trip across the country in 1977 ignited his imagination. The high elevations and desert terrain of the western wilderness areas sparked a life-long interest in indigenous cultures and spirituality.  

Martin has continued to hike pristine rivers and alpine vistas for the past 40 years. His artistic path, however, led him to explore sculpture, collage and digital animation. In 2011, inspired by the works of Thomas Moran, Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent, Martin shifted his focus to watercolor and began painting daily. He has hiked and painted wilderness areas throughout the Cascades, Wallowas, the Rockies and the Southwest. 

Martin is a former instructor at the Boston Art Institute, San Francisco Academy of Art College, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Northwest Academy and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.  He also mentors others and delivers workshops on painting and sculpture. His work has been shown in California and Oregon for the past 35 years. Martin has lived in Oregon since 1981 and currently resides in Portland. His imagination, however, is not geographically attached."


If you are an artist and would like an opportunity to exhibit at your co-op, click here for more info

Elementary School Citrus Tastings

What better way to welcome kids back to school after their winter break than with an immune boosting citrus tasting!  Food Front was thrilled to visit to Hayhurst, Maplewood, Rieke, and Capitol Hill Elementary schools near our Hillsdale neighborhood and we had a blast!  We brought out 6 different varieties of citrus for the kids to taste and find some new favorites.  Many of the schools asked the kids to vote on their favorites and those results were brought back to the classroom for math and science lessons.  We of course also took the opportunity to promote our co-op and invite the kids to bring their parents to our in-store citrus tasting weekend which was held on January 18th & 19th.

2015 Sustainable Community Awards

Congratulations to our 2015 Sustainable Community Award winners!!  These folks were nominated by Food Front staff and voted on by you, our customers!

Packaged Vendor - Three Sisters Nixtamal

Farmer - Mustard Seed Farm

Community Partner - Friends of Seasonal & Service Workers

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