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Hillsdale Art Gallery July Artist - Cheryl Wilson


“I create art to record and express my love for the world around me.  I want to remember the small experiences and objects that often go unnoticed in day to day activity.  I find beauty in the old relics that are no longer in use, and in natural scenes that hold the promise of experiences to come.  I want my art to remind you of that beauty, to enrich your life and touch that place in you that is mindful and peaceful. 

Contact me at 503-310-9874 or," 


If you are an artist and would like an opportunity to exhibit at your co-op, click here for more info.

Elementary School Citrus Tastings

What better way to welcome kids back to school after their winter break than with an immune boosting citrus tasting!  Food Front was thrilled to visit to Hayhurst, Maplewood, Rieke, and Capitol Hill Elementary schools near our Hillsdale neighborhood and we had a blast!  We brought out 6 different varieties of citrus for the kids to taste and find some new favorites.  Many of the schools asked the kids to vote on their favorites and those results were brought back to the classroom for math and science lessons.  We of course also took the opportunity to promote our co-op and invite the kids to bring their parents to our in-store citrus tasting weekend which was held on January 18th & 19th.

2015 Sustainable Community Awards

Congratulations to our 2015 Sustainable Community Award winners!!  These folks were nominated by Food Front staff and voted on by you, our customers!

Packaged Vendor - Three Sisters Nixtamal

Farmer - Mustard Seed Farm

Community Partner - Friends of Seasonal & Service Workers

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Staff Pick
Staff Pick- Epic Buffalo Bars

Buffalo Bars

"They’re epic!"

Roan - Deli Dept.

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