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Elementary School Apple Tastings

What better way to welcome kids back to school than with an apple tasting?!  Food Front is thrilled to be visiting Chapman, Hayhurst, Maplewood, Odyssey East Sylvan and Rieke schools this year!  We bring out 6 different varieties of apples for the kids to taste and find some new favorites.  After the tasting, the kids vote on their favorites and bring those results back to the classroom for math and science lessons.  We of course also take the opportunity to promote the co-op and invite the kids to bring their parents to our annual Harvest Festival and Apple Tasting at each of our stores which benefit Friendly House and Neighborhood House and will be held on October 9th from 11:00am-3:00pm.  Thank you kids!  It's such a joy to see you all learning about good local food!!

Slabtown Festival 2016

We all had a blast hosting the Slabtown Festival this year and can't wait to see you all next year!  Thank you everyone who came out for the event!

Here is a great video put together by Guy Bodin about the event too. Click HERE to view video.



2016 Farm Tour

Every year we partner with Peoples and Alberta Co-ops to bring our customers and owners on a farm tour to visit some of our fabulous vendors!  This year was truly exceptional and inspirational!

First stop on the tri-co-op farm tour was Flying Cow Dairy! They have 22 dairy cows and produce approx 3 gallons each per day. This is in contrast to a typical large production dairy that tries to get 11 gallons per cow per day. Because of the care they receive, they are able to produce for 14 yrs before retiring them to the fields to raise the babies as grandmothers! Typical dairies have their cows in production for 4 yrs and then they sell them off for meat. These gals are all grass fed and pasture raised. The babies get to stay with their mamas in the field too!


The next stop was Our Table Cooperative! This farm is operating on biodynamic principles and caring for the entire ecosystem by operating within it to grow a wide variety of crops and animals working in harmony together to strengthen the land. They are cooperatively owned by their farmers, workers and consumers, making them very unique in the world of agriculture. And lunch was Amazing!!!


Final stop on the farm tour was J. Christopher winery. Jay and Ronda Somers grow their grapes in the old world style of dry growing so the vines have to grow deep to get ground water and provide a much more complex flavor. This biodynamic winery is one to look out for! They are heading into harvest about a month early this year due to the long hot summer we have had and are also breaking ground on a new tasting room to be open next summer. Their wines are amazing!


2016 Sustainable Community Awards

Congratulations to our 2016 Sustainable Community Award winners!!  These folks were nominated by Food Front staff and voted on by you, our customers!

Packaged Vendor - Pirate Bread

Farmer - Deep Roots Farm

Community Partner - Sisters of the Road

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Staff Pick
Staff Pick- Blue lotus  Chai

Blue Lotus Chai

"Best chai ever! Totally authentic taste."

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