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Gathering Together Farm

Gathering Together Farm

Gathering Together Farm near Philomath, OR, was started in 1987 by husband and wife team John Eveland and Sally Brewer.

 As two of the original members of the Organically Grown Cooperative (OGC), John and Sally have been instrumental in forwarding the local organic foods movement.  The farm grows over 50 different kinds of crops including:

•    Lettuces
•    Bunched Greens
•    Peppers
•    Root Vegetables
•    Tomatoes
•    Fresh Herbs
•    Summer & Winter Squashes
•    Cucumbers
•    Strawberries
•    Melons
•    Cabbages
•    Corn

GTF has been selling their clean, delicious fruits and vegetables to Food Front since 2009.  They have over 350 memberships in their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  They have a seasonal farmstand and restaurant on site in Philomath.  You’ll also find them at 9 weekly farmers markets including PSU, Hillsdale and Beaverton.  

For the past 15 years, GTF has hosted the NW famous OGC Tomato War. GTF’s sister farm, Wild Garden Seed (co-owned by Frank Morton), cultivates organic seed for production to help other farmers grow organically. Read more at their website here.

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